CCPR-CIE Expert Workshop "100 Years of V(Lambda) and The Future of Photometry'"

June 3, 2024
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) in Sèvres, France

Second Announcement


This workshop is co-organized by Consultative Committee for Photometry and Radiometry (CCPR) and International Commission on Illumination (CIE), and will be held in conjunction with CCPR 26th meeting and CCPR Working Group meetings at BIPM (4-7 June) and CIE Division 1 and Division 2 annual meetings in Paris (30 May-1 June).

The workshop will commemorate 100th anniversary of V(λ), overview the history of spectral luminous efficiency functions and CIE colorimetry, and introduce the cone fundamentals published by CIE (2006, 2015), then will discuss the future of photometry and colorimetry with cone-fundamental-based spectral luminous efficiency functions and color-matching functions.


The workshop is intended for researchers, engineers, and stakeholders in academia, industry, national metrology institutes, testing and calibration laboratories, lighting manufacturers, instrument manufacturers, who are engaged in photometry and colorimetry.


The workshop is planned to include the following sessions:

  • Session 1: History of V(λ) and CIE Colorimetry
  • Session 2: Understanding Cone Fundamentals
  • Session 3: Photometry with Cone Fundamentals
  • Session 4: Discussion for future directions for photometry and colorimetry
  • Celebration of 100 years of V(λ)



The registration for the workshop will be no charge. However, due to the limited capacity of meeting facility, a fee for no show for on-site attendance may apply.

Online registration form is available at:

Deadline of the registration is: 3 May 2024.

Venue information

Detailed information are available here.

Associated meeting schedules


Workshop Chair: Yoshi Ohno (CCPR WG-SP TG16 chair)
BIPM local organizer: Joële Viallon (CCPR Executive Secretary)
CIE meetings organizer: Gaël Obein (CIE France)

V(λ) Art Contest

2024 is a landmark year!  We celebrate the centenary of the establishment of the V(λ) spectral luminous efficiency function for photopic vision by the International Commission on Illumination. V(λ) underpins a century of scientific and technical achievements, and to fully celebrate this anniversary the CIE seeks your artistic contributions in the form of poems or visual art.

The best submissions will be revealed at the CCPR-CIE Joing Workshop on June 3, 2024. 
Submissions will be open until April 30, 2024.
More information can be found here.