control gear, <for an electric light source>

controlgear, <for an electric light source>

unit inserted between the power supply and at least one light source, which serves to supply the light source(s) with its (their) rated voltage or rated current, and which can consist of one or more separate components

Note 1 to entry: A control gear can include means for igniting, dimming, correcting the power factor and suppressing radio interference, and further control functions.

Note 2 to entry: A control gear can consist of a power supply and a control unit.

Note 3 to entry: A control gear can be partly or totally integrated in the light source.

Note 4 to entry: The terms "control gear" and "controlgear" are interchangeable. In IEC standards, the term "controlgear" is commonly used.

Publication date: 2020-12
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