Testing of supplementary systems of photometry

CIE 141:2001
Division 1
978 3 901906 05 3

This report contains the most recent versions of 10 photometric systems (4 for 2° and 6 for 10° fields) which have been proposed to CIE Division 1 as methods of assessing the relative brightness of lights across the entire range of human visual sensitivity. To provide quantitative tests of these systems, each system has been applied to several sets of data submitted by independent laboratories employing different stimulus sets and different experimental procedures for heterochromatic brightness matching (HCBM). Furthermore, each system was applied to data obtained in HCBM experiments performed by 6 research groups using the same coloured samples under very similar experimental conditions. These numerical tests were primarily intended to see the equality of equivalent luminances for brightness-matched stimuli but not to test the absolute level of scaling for brightness. This report describes the results of these quantitative tests; it makes no recommendation for a new CIE system.

The Technical Report consists of 82 pages with 94 figures and 9 tables.

The following members and consulting experts of TC 1-21 "Testing of Supplementary Systems of Photometry" took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • S. Ashizawa, Japan
  • W.B. Cowan, Canada
  • C.M. Howard, USA
  • M. Ikeda, Japan
  • P.K. Kaiser, Canada
  • J.S. Kinney, USA
  • S. Kokoschka, Germany
  • H. Lindner, Germany
  • Y. Nakano, Japan
  • D.A. Palmer, Great Britain
  • P. Dazhi, China
  • Y.M. Petrov, Russia
  • K. Sagawa, Japan (Chairman)
  • T. Takeuchi, Japan
  • P. Trezona, Great Britain
  • F. Vienot, France
  • H. Yaguchi, Japan
  • A. Valberg, Norway
  • A. Yujiri, Japan

Editorial members:

  • C.M. Howard
  • J.A.S. Kinney
  • K. Sagawa (Chairman)