Proceedings of the NPL - CIE UK Conference on "Visual Scales: Photometric and Colorimetric Aspects", 24-26 March 1997, Teddington, United Kingdom

CIE x012-1997
978 3 900734 80 0


The Great Britain National Committee of the CIE together with the National Physical Laboratory held a conference on Visual Scales: Photometric and Colorimetric Aspects at the NPL, Teddington on 24-26 March 1997. The Proceedings of this meeting are available from the CIE Central Bureau as CIE x012-1997.

The contributions contained in the Proceedings cover two main topics: Colour Scales (10 papers) and Photometric Scales (9 papers).

The introductory paper in the Colour Scales section was presented by A. Robertson and gives an overview of colour appearance models and colour difference equations. Other contributions in this section include a paper by M.R. Luo on the testing of colour appearance models and one by K. Witt on the scaling of colour difference beyond threshold. The proceedings of two workshop/discussion groups are reported, one dealing with the question of instrumental versus visual colour measurement and the other with the photopic luminous efficiency function.

In the section on Photometric Scales, most of the papers dealt with mesopic photometry. The section starts with a paper from P.W. Trezona on methods of mesopic photometry. Also featured, among others, are contributions by F. Vienot, M.S. Rea and J.L. Barbur, together with their respective teams of co-workers, dealing with visual performance in the mesopic range. There were two workshops in this section, covering the question of performance and conspicuity and of measurements in the mesopic region.

The publication summarizes the present state of knowledge with regard to colorimetric and photometric scales and points out that, in mesopic photometry as in the photopic case, it is necessary to distinguish between the requirement for a brightness or a conspicuity matching criterion.

The publication consists of 81 pages.