Photometry of Luminaires for Street Lighting

CIE 027-1973
978 3 900734 74 7 74 9

Superseded by The Photometry and Goniophotometry of Luminaires

CIE 121-1996

This technical report provides general requirements for the photometry of lamps and luminaires of most types and includes the following information:

  • standard test conditions under which the tests should be carried out, with acceptable practical tolerances;
  • selection procedures for lamps and luminaires;
  • procedures for measurement of the photometric characteristics of lamps and luminaires and assessment of the possible sources of error;
  • correction factors and service conversion factors;
  • presentation of test results.

The report is considered to be sufficiently comprehensive to form a practical guide for industrial laboratories and contains sufficient information to replace publication CIE 24-1973 Photometry of indoor type luminaires and CIE 27-1973 Photometry of luminaires for street lighting.

CIE will publish supplementary reports covering these types of luminaires more specifically.

This Technical Report is written in English with a short summary in French and German. It contains 53 pages, with 5 figures and 3 tables.

The following members of TC 2-10 took part in the preparation of this technical report:

  • G. Vandermeersch, Belgium (Chairman)
  • S. Almási, Hungary
  • H. Arai, Japan
  • P. Blazer, Switzerland
  • A. Blochouse, Belgium
  • T.V. Collins, Great Britain
  • A.Corrons, Spain
  • C. Cazabat, Argentina
  • J. Krochmann, Germany
  • J. Lecocq, France
  • R. Levin, USA
  • I. Lewin, USA
  • D. Price, Great Britain
  • J.C. Procter, Great Britain
  • R. Rattunde, Germany
  • M. Skonieczna, Poland
  • P. Soardo, Italy
  • G. Vadas, Hungary
  • M. Vermeulen, The Netherlands