Final Report CIE Stakeholder Workshop for Temporal Light Modulation Standards for Lighting Systems

CIE TN 008:2017
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 6

Contemporary lighting systems vary widely in the degree to which their light output shows temporal variations (temporal light modulation, TLM). TLM is known to affect human visual perception, neurobiology, and performance, sometimes in adverse ways. Many standards development organizations, regulators, and certification bodies have been active in seeking to address these issues. Some researchers are actively studying the effects of TLM. However, current activities are uncoordinated and risk being inefficient. The CIE, with the support of Natural Resources Canada – Office of Energy Efficiency, the National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association, Philips Lighting, BC Hydro, and the National Research Council of Canada, convened a stakeholder workshop in Ottawa, Canada. February 8–9, 2017, to provide an impetus towards improved collaboration. The objective of this meeting was to develop a roadmap of research, recommendations, and standards activities related to temporal light modulation from lighting systems that are needed in order to speed up the process of developing international standards in an efficient way while preventing overlap and duplicate effort. The scope of the meeting was limited to developing the roadmap, establishing collaborations, and dividing the work amongst participants. The meeting was not intended to establish the content details for future standards documents. This report summarizes the current state of knowledge and standardisation concerning TLM, identifies gaps, and sets out the roadmap developed by the workshop participants. The roadmap leads, through collaborative effort, to evidence-based international standards intended to limit undesirable TLM from lighting products and systems. Lighting systems that meet these standards will thereby support the needs of lighting end-users, which will facilitate the market acceptance of new technologies and the achievement of energy-efficient targets. The publication is written in English, consists of 25 pages and is freely downloadable from the CIE website.

The Organizing Committee for the CIE Stakeholder Workshop on Temporal Light Modulation Standards for Lighting Systems was composed of the following members, and was responsible for the writing of this Technical Note.

  • Veitch, J. A.    Director, CIE Division 3 (Organizing Committee Chair)
  • Blattner, P.    Director, CIE Division 2
  • Gaines, J.    National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association
  • Gallant, P.    Natural Resources Canada – Office of Energy Efficiency
  • Kwak, Y.    Director, CIE Division 1
  • Nachtrieb, R.    National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association
  • Nield, K.    CIE General Secretary
  • O’Hagan, J.    Director, CIE Division 6
  • Steinbusch, A.    Philips Lighting
  • Suvagau, C.    British Columbia Hydro