Electric light sources state of the art - 1991

CIE 096-1992
978 3 900734 33 6


CIE 77-1988 Electric Light Sources State of the Art - 1987 was published in 1988. The present report has been prepared by TC 7-07 and reflects the progress made in the period 1987-1991 in the field of light sources, radiation sources and their relevant electronic devices. Standardization is also included.

The report reviews also IEC Standards on lamps and lighting components. It contains 30 pages, with 3 figures and 1 table.

The following members of TC 7-07 took part in the preparation of this technical report:

  • A. Aurora, Spain
  • U. Amlong, Germany
  • J. Gandolfo, Spain
  • W. Gungle, USA
  • T. Hanada, Japan
  • A. Jack, The Netherlands (Secretary)
  • J. Juntunen, Finland
  • M. Jurán, Czechoslovakia
  • M. Koedam, The Netherlands (Chair)
  • Y. Matsushima, Japan
  • N. Natchev, Bulgaria
  • D. Platt, Great Britain
  • S. Reschenov, USSR
  • J. Rukaniva, Yugoslavia
  • G. Sas, Hungary
  • D. Seeger, Germany
  • G. Vandermeersch, Belgium
  • F. Whittaker, Great Britain