CIE Collection in photometry and radiometry

CIE 114-1994
Division 2
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This volume contains short Technical Reports, Research Notes and Reporters' Reports prepared by various Technical Committees and Reporters within Division 2. In part they were published in the "CIE Journal" between 1987 and 1988.

114/1 Survey of reference materials for testing the performance of spectrophotometers and colorimeters
This Research Note was originally published in CIE-Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, 23-31, 1987.

A list of reference materials for testing the performance of spectrophotometers and colorimeters are given. Particular attention is paid to materials for the measurement of regular transmittance and for regular (specular) and diffuse reflectance. Materials for the calibration of wavelength scales and the measurement of stray light are also included. No examples were found of reference materials for the measurement of diffuse transmittance. Information on type of materials, suppliers, sizes available and calibration details is supplied.

114/2 International intercomparison on transmittance measurement
Report of results and conclusions. This Research Note was originally published in CIE-Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1, 21-28, 1988.

Between 1978 and 1982, CIE TC 2-09 conducted an international intercomparison to assess the accuracy of transmittance measurements. Sixteen laboratories, including eleven national standardizing laboratories, took part in the intercomparison. Twelve sets of filters were used, each consisting of nine glass filters. The filters were selected so that the repeatability, linearity, wavelength accuracy, and stray light of the measurements could be characterized.

114/3 Intercomparison of luminous flux measurements on HPMV lamps

The results are given of an intercomparison of measurements of the luminous flux of a group of HPMV lamps, carried out among 21 commercial and national laboratories located in 14 different countries. The results reported by 16 of the laboratories lay within approx. +/- 1,5% of the mean level and all but two of the laboratories were within +/- 3% of the mean level. The consistency of the measurements can be regarded as fully adequate for most lighting applications.

The following members of TC 2-01 took part in the preparation of this summary of report:

  • M. Ascas, France
  • B.J. Barkby, Great Britain
  • J. Bastie, France
  • G. Bertrand, France
  • E. Etchechoury, Argentina
  • A.A. Gaertner, Canada
  • D. Förste, Germany (BRD)
  • G. Gentile, Italy
  • J.J. de Groot, The Netherlands
  • F. Hengstberger, South Africa
  • J. Krtil, Czechoslovakia
  • T.E. Lusk, USA
  • J.R. Moore, Great Britain
  • F. Nündel, Germany (DDR)
  • M. Poppe, Hungary (Chair)
  • H. Reiter, Austria
  • A. Spears, USA
  • P. Stott, Great Britain
  • T. Tannenberg, Germany (BDR)
  • M. Vaillant, France
  • A. Vandermeersch, Belgium

114/4 Distribution temperature and ratio temperature
NOTE: CIE 114/4-1994 is superseded by CIE TN 013:2022 Terms related to Planckian radiation temperature for light sources

This report adds mathematical precision to the definition of distribution temperature and discusses the use and limitations of the concept. The concept of ratio temperature as a null method for comparing distribution temperatures is also discussed.

The following members of TC 2-05 took part in the preparation of this technical report:

  • V.V. Azaryonok, Russia
  • J. Bastie, France
  • D. Förste, Germany
  • A.A. Gaertner, Canada
  • G. Geutler, Germany
  • F. Hengstberger, South Africa
  • J.R. Moore, Great Britain
  • A.R. Robertson, Canada (Chair)
  • R. Saunders, USA
  • G. Sauter, Germany
  • Y. Waterai, Japan

114/5 Terminology relating to non-selective detectors

Division 2 Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation appointed a Division Reporter (R 2-10) to examine the concepts and terminology relating to the description and use of non-selective detectors and to prepare a written report making recommendations, if these were felt to be necessary, for new definitions, or modifications to existing definitions, to clarify the terminology. The present report was submitted to the Division by the Reporter, D.H. Nettleton (Great Britain). The members of Division 2 have voted to endorse the conclusions of the report and to recommend the adoption and use of the terms and definitions proposed.
This report was prepared by D.H. Nettleton, Great Britain.

114/6 Photometry of thermally sensitive lamps

CIE TC 2-12 had the task to develop together with IEC/TC 34A recommendations for the photometry of vapour-pressure controlled (amalgam) lamps. The committee gave its recommendations directly to IEC and these have been incorporated in IEC 81 and IEC 901.

This report was prepared by G. Vandermeersch, Belgium.

The publication contains also abstracts of 19 CIE Publications dealing with photometry and radiometry.

The Technical Collection consists of 45 pages.