New CIE JTC Call for Experts

February 6, 2023

CIE JTC 20 (D6/D2) will review current state-of-the-art of wearable alpha-opic light dosimetry methods in the scientific literature and beyond. It will also define limitations of current CIE-recommended practices for wearable alpha-opic light dosimeters, propose a calibration protocol for wearable alpha-opic light dosimeters adding to current CIE-recommended practices, discuss limitations of wearable dosimeters vis-a-vis the physiologically relevant quantification of alpha-opic light exposure. Finally it will provide an inventory of needs and options for metadata and data schemes for alpha-opic dosimetry data collections. The JTC is chaired by Prof Manuel Spitschan, Germany.

If you have an interest and expertise in the topic of this TC then you are welcome to apply to participate in the JTC by sending your completed membership and copyright forms to CIE Central Bureau, for passing on to the JTC Chair

The application and copyright forms, and other information about participating in CIE technical work can be found here on our website: