CIE Workshop on a New Vision of Visibility for Roadway Lighting

May 24, 2018 to May 25, 2018
Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin Germany
May 24 - 25 , 2018
Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin Germany

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Event Summary
Why do we light our roads? All road users should be able to see objects on the road and should be visible to each other. Good visibility conditions are assumed for this. Different methods have been developed for the description of visibility conditions, unfortunately these methods have been never used in practical lighting design processes, often due to the omission of some variables relevant to the models, for example: measurement methods for the road surface reflection, optimization tools for the reflector or lens design of luminaires, consideration for luminaries with adjustable light distribution, and lack of imaging luminance measurement systems.

Now however, there are new ways of lighting with LED based luminaires and imaging luminance measurement systems are available, given these this workshop will analyse the potential of the different visibility concepts. In addition, the area where scientific creativeness overlaps the uptake of new technologies both in pragmatic and economic ways will be discussed. 
The result of the workshop should be a decision as to what future work the CIE needs on this topic. If you are interested to discuss this exciting topic with leading researchers in this area then is a workshop not to be missed.

o    Who should come: We invite researchers from the Industry, Government and Academia, who have been dealing with visibility or are interested in visibility for roadway lighting.

o    What you will learn at the workshop: Invited presenters will provide an overview about Characterization of Traffic Safety, on why should we use visibility, what are the basic ideas about visibility, which models are known, why this concept has not been used for the lighting design process in the past, which measurement technique is necessary to use the concept of Visibility, and so on.

Other Associated Events
The CIE Division 4 Annual Meeting will be held the two days prior to this workshop, information on this can be found within the Division 4 event webpage.
Onthe last day of the workshop (14:00 - 1700) there will be a meeting of the EMPIR Project "SURFACE" consortium. Participants of the Workshop are invited to attend this meeting where the members of the SURFACE consortium will present the project main objectives and the first results of the project. For more information about attending this meeting and about the SURFACE project itself please contact Paola Iacomussi.

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Questions about the programme
Professor Stephan Volker 

Questions about the venue, location etc.
Christine Kluge

Questions about the registration process
Iona Bichler

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