CIE Workshop on the Calculation and Measurement of Obtrusive Lighting

May 21, 2020 to May 22, 2020
VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
Ostrava, Czech Republic

Obtrusive light (sometimes known as light pollution) is a generic term for the adverse effects of artificial light on the night-time environment. Obtrusive light is a side effect of outdoor lighting installations, which is caused by inappropriate light distribution from luminaires and light reflected from illuminated surfaces. The origins of this side effect are due to improper design of lighting systems, a disregard for the needs of users and a lack of information on presence and movement of the users etc. Additionally, scattering in the atmosphere contributes heavily to the increase in sky glow. Rapid urbanization is leading to more and more obtrusive light which is uncontrolled in the environment. Obtrusive light hinders astronomic observations and has significant impact on the natural environment even at locations distant from the source of the obtrusive light.

While obtrusive light is an interdisciplinary problem, it is still mainly addressed within disciplines, leading to a fragmented knowledge base. For example, there has yet to be agreement over common language, metrics and measurement methods. The International Commission on Illumination (CIE), the international body for light and lighting, paves the way towards adaptive outdoor lighting where the visual needs of users are balanced against the negative impacts of obtrusive light. CIE has long recognised the importance of limiting obtrusive light and issued break-through guidelines on this subject.

The emergence of revolutionary lighting technologies in the last decade has however brought new challenges. This workshop aims to bring together professionals from different disciplines to discuss and outline future directions of investigation, research, development and standardization in the field of obtrusive light and light pollution.

CIE Division 4 and our hosts, VŠB - the Technical University of Ostrava, look forward to welcoming you to this workshop. The event is  scheduled during the new moon phase of May and will include practical measurements of sky glow when road lighting of an urban area is on and off  - a big thanks to the Ostrava city Council for supporting this. More information about the event will soon be provided in the links below: