CIE TC 3-60 TC on Spectral Daylight Characteristics - Southern Hemisphere Data Needed

April 27, 2022


This CIE Technical Committee (TC) is chaired by Martine Knoop (DE). The aim of this TC is to review geographical, seasonal and time-of-day variations in the spectral power distribution of daylight for the range between 380 nm and 780 nm, when represented by D (daylight) illuminants, make a proposal for updating the CIE 015:2018 reconstitution procedure to calculate D illuminants at a nominal correlated colour temperature, and provide spectral information for CIE standard general sky types.

The TC is now calling out for contributions from southern hempisphere experts so that the data and meothds considered by  TC 3-60 comprehensivly cover global variability in the spectral power distribution of daylight.

If you have the expertise, interest and time to contribute to this new CIE TC, please send to CIE CB the completed membership application and copyright agreement forms. These will then be passed to the TC Chair for consideration.