March 25, 2020

Supporting the global action to reduce the transmission of COVID-19

CIE releases two key publications on ultraviolet radiation disinfection -  for FREE

This offer ended in November 2020, the publications can still be purchased from the CIE Webshop, Members of NCs and ANCs receive a 66.7 % discount.

We hope that the in excess of 14,000 users who downloaded these CIE publications find them of use.

CIE has published a number of technical reports and international standards over the years on the topic of ultraviolet radiation (UVR), how to measure it, its effects and uses - including use as a way of disinfection.

To support the international community at this time the CIE is making two of its key publications in this area freely available for the next three months.

  • CIE 187:2010 UV-C Photocarcinogenesis Risks from Germicidal Lamps
  • CIE 155:2003 Ultraviolet Air Disinfection

Other relevant publications on this topic are available from the CIE WebShop. Members of a National Committee of the CIE can purchase these with a discount of 66.7 % - contact your NC or ANC  for information on this.

BE AWARE: CIE, in agreement with the WHO, warns against UV disinfection lamps  to dinsinfect hands or any other area of skin.