Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium '97 on Colour Standards for Imaging Technology, 21-22 November 1997, Scottsdale, USA

CIE x014-1998
978 3 900734 90 9


This Symposium was the third in a series of meetings of colour experts to discuss colour standards for imaging technology and the second to be organized by the CIE. It was a follow-up to the very successful Symposium on the same topic held in Vienna, Austria in 1996. The purpose was again to inform users of imaging technology on new standard methods and to provide international standard-writing organisations with the necessary feedback from the community of imaging technologies on their requirements and needs. The Symposium began with a joint session with the IS&T/SID Fifth Color Imaging Conference and ended with a discussion in which conclusions and action plans were formulated.The goals of the Symposium were:

    * to share information on the technical content and status of projects involving the characterisation or definition of the colour of images,
    * to review progress on various issues identified as priorities during the 1996 Symposium,
    * to identify areas requiring new technology or knowledge and to recommend needed activities of CIE, industry and other standards groups to provide the necessary solutions.

We began with a Session in which members of various CIE Technical Committees preparing standards for colour in imaging technology reported on progress and issues in their work. There were also reports from other organisations working in this field. Following this first Session, there were four separate, non-overlapping Sessions which dealt with the following sub-topics:

  • Metrology of displays
  • Viewing conditions
  • RGB colour space
  • Colour appearance models (in this Session the CIE 1997 Interim Colour Appearance Model (Simple Version), CIECAM97s, and the underlying scientific research were introduced).

Ample time was included for open discussion. The final Session was an open Session (general discussion and formulatation of some action plans for the future).
The Proceedings contain on 140 pages the text of the papers read as well as reports on the roundtable discussions.