Example Luminance Measurement Setup for UGR

CIE TN 014:2023
Division 3

Technical Report CIE 232:2019 specifies a supplement to the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) method to determine the glare source area in case the glare source has a non-uniform luminance. The method requires high dynamic range (HDR) luminance images of the glare source. In this Technical Note, an HDR luminance image measurement setup is described that can be used to generate images according to CIE 232:2019 specifications. Two examples of such measurements are given, including the image analysis and the determination of the glare source dimensions. Although some guidance is given, this Technical Note is not intended to be a detailed measurement guide and should be used in conjunction with other CIE publications.

The publication is written in English, consists of 16 pages and is freely downloadable here from the CIE website.


Vissenberg, M.C.J.M. (Reporter), The Netherlands


  • Embrechts, M., The Netherlands
  • Klej, A., The Netherlands