CIE Expert Tutorial and Workshop on Research Methods for Human Factors in Lighting

August 13, 2018 to August 14, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Alborg August 2018

The CIE Expert Tutorial and Workshops on Research Methods for Human Factors in Lighting will be a forum for discussion and advancement of best practices in lighting research. Expert tutorials by invited speakers will cover topics addressing the key elements of research methods, and workshops will offer structured discussions about real research problems and their resolution. Content will emphasize all stages of the research process, from conceptualization through dissemination. Research involving human participants will be prominent, but the Expert Tutorial and Workshop will also interest lighting researchers who do not work with human participants. Topics to be covered include hypothesis generation, research ethics, critical analysis, the definition and measurement of independent and dependent variables, statistics and their interpretation, and how to write a good manuscript.

The links below provide information to plan your participation at the tutorial and workshop:

Event Summary

Who should come:

  • Established researchers looking to share and expand their knowledge
  • Faculty members seeking guidance on how to teach these topics
  • Early career researchers (including graduate students) seeking an introduction to these topics
  • A managager in the lighting industry wishing to understand key research aspects in order to  successfully commission industry-sponsored research

We invite researchers in all sub-disciplines of applied lighting, illuminating engineering, experimental psychology, behavioural science, neuroscience, vision science, and related fields to participate, along with researchers from industry, government, and academia.

What you will learn at the tutorial: Invited oral presentations will provide planned content to cover the key elements of research methods:

  • Theoretical perspectives and hypothesis generation
  • Critical analysis
  • Research preparation (e.g. ethics, risk assessment, etc.)
  • Measurement
    • Independent variables (i.e., practical photometry)
    • Dependent variables (self-report; behaviour; health, etc.)
    • Recent innovations (e.g., ‘big data’)
  • Research design for lab and field investigations
    • Internal validity and causal inference
    • External validity
    • Statistics and interpretation
  • Reporting
    • How to write a good paper
    • How to give effective presentations
  • How you can inspire and be inspired at the workshop: Submit a document of up to 1000 words to describe an issue, proposed method, demonstration, or other discussion topic on which you wish to receive feedback, or about which you want to tell others. These will be screened by the scientific committee only to ensure topic fit (i.e., to exclude attempts to present research results). Plenary discussion sessions (likely organized around topical poster groupings, and possibly including hands-on demonstrations) will be used to foster interaction with other participants and with this material.

Points of contact for the event are:

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