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This document describes the elements, function and characterization of imaging luminance measuring devices (ILMDs). Furthermore, the calibration of ILMDs is described and some guidelines for their use are provided. Using ILMDs the projection of the luminance distribution of a scene can be recorded... more
The topic of this report is discomfort glare in the context of road and vehicle lighting. It provides an overview of the research methods, mathematical models and the variables which are considered to influence discomfort glare. The report describes the difficulties associated with the evaluation... more
New regulations are coming into force in several regions with respect to temporal light modulation (TLM) of lighting products. However, standardized test methods and even basic understanding of requirements are largely lacking in the area. Newly introduced metrics, like the stroboscopic visibility... more
The development trend for high-tech products is towards the capability of flexibility, for example flexible lighting, displays, cell phones, batteries, sensors, memory, solar cells. Flexible products can be light, thin, break-resistant, and offer more creative freedom for the designer. It is not... more

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The Website for CIE 2021 is open with fuller information.  
This new CIE Technical Committee (TC) is chaired by Martine Knoop. The aim of this TC is to review...
This new CIE Technical Committee (TC) is chaired by Armin Sperling. The purpose of this TC is to revise...