2-87: Broadband UV LED radiometric measurements between 320 nm and 420 nm

Standard LED sources with different peak wavelengths (colours) and a standard broadband LED measurement procedure will be worked out to perform uniform, fast, and low-uncertainty radiometric LED measurements. In contrast to existing spectral detector-response based standards (where LEDs are measured with large errors), the procedure is based on a standardized LED and the spectral product (signal) of the standardized LED distribution and the spectral responsivity of the standardized LED measuring reference radiometer. The standardized LED integrated radiance or the integrated irradiance from it and also the integrated responsivity of the reference radiometer can be determined. The reference scale will be propagated with the reference radiometer to field radiometers to perform one-step LED (broadband radiance or irradiance) measurements. The measurements can be applied for all kinds of LEDs and/or groups of different LEDs.
Chair: George Eppeldauer (US)