POSTPONED TO SPRING 2021 - CIE NC Russia - 2nd International Scientific and Technical Conference “Light in Museum”

April 1, 2021
St. Petersburg, the State Hermitage Museum, Russia


POSTPONED TO SPRING 2021 - exact dates yet to be advised!!!

The scientific-practical Conference "Light in Museum” will be devoted to the role and importance of lighting and lighting equipment in preservation of Museum values in Russia and abroad.

The Conference is organized by the State Hermitage Museum, the Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Lighting Industry (Association NTS «Svetotekhnika»), and VNISI (the Russian Lighting Research Institute named after S.I. Vavilov), with the support of the NC CIE  (Russian National Committee of CIE), the Russian branch of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and IEC.

The focus is on topical issues of the museum lighting environment: the influence of light on the safety of museum objects and their perception, quality control and safety of lighting equipment in museums, the use of intelligent technologies in lighting, updating industry normative documents. Representatives of the museum and lighting community, and invited Russian and foreign experts in the field of museum lighting will make presentations at the conference.

In parallel to the “Light in the Museum”, the 9th Lux Pacifica Conference, organized by the Association of Pacific Lighting Societies Lux Pacifica and VNISI, will take place. On April 20, a joint plenary session of the two conferences will be held in the 5th Courtyard of the General Staff Building. In addition, as part of the first day of the conference, a large-scale experiment of the State Hermitage Museum will be launched to determine the correlated color temperature, which provides the best subjective perception of oil painting at a constant level of illumination.

Participation in the “Light in Museum” conference is free of charge. Online registration is open by the link To download the conference programme, click here.