September 27, 2020
Bamburg, Germany

Since 1972 an event has been jointly organized by the Lighting Societies of Germany (LiTG), the Netherlands (NSVV), Austria (LTG) and Switzerland (SLG) (the last three of which are the umbrella organizations for the CIE NC in those countries). The event has developed into the largest lighting conference in Europe, it provides a comprehensive insight into the state of the art in lighting research and into current and forward-looking applications.

Around 600 experts, interested parties and representatives of the lighting industry will be informing themselves in three parallel series of around 100 lectures about current developments in research, teaching, technology, design and application in all areas of light and lighting. Additionally, during the past events many young lighting professionals have used the congress to present their own research topics - in some cases for the first time - to a large specialist audience.  

This year's event, Light2020, will be held in Bamburg, Germany from 27 - 30 September.

Visit the Light2020 website for more information, including access to the abstract submission system which is open now. Please note that although the language of the congress is German submissions and presentations in English are welcome.