5th CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance

April 20, 2020 to April 24, 2020
Hong Kong


Note on the Location of this symposium:

Currently, the Symposium is to be held at the Icon Hotel, with the Workshop/Tutorial day and Division meetings being held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. You will be aware of the current situation in Hong Kong. Certainly this will be causing concern to all potential participants, as well as making it difficult to make plans to travel to this event.
Given this, our host, the National Committee of Hong Kong, is making plans to shift all of the event to Macau. Macau is well away from the situation existing in Hong Kong but close enough to not interfere with long distance travel preparations.  

Some points about Macau as possible event location:

  • It is directly accessible from Hong Kong airport. 
  • There are no visa requirements for Macau.
  • We recommend that when planning to come to the event you book your travel to Hong Kong, with later booking of transfer to Macau, and leave booking your accommodation until closer to the event date – when the situation will be very clear.

If your employer needs to have a specific destination at this time, it is hoped that the above information on the alternate location is helpful in your discussion with your employer. Should you have any questions about this, please send us a message to CIE Central Bureau - we shall try out best to answer them.

This 5 day event comprises a two day symposium, a day of workshops, plus the annual meetings of CIE Divisions 1, 2 and 8, and their Technical Committees.

Like its predecessors the symposium will be of interest to those concerned with aspects of the perception and measurement of visual appearance and measurement of the bidirectional reflection and transmission distribution functions of modern materials. 

There will be ample social time to experience the local culture. As such, it forms a great opportunity to bring together international members of the CIE, as well as other experts and stakeholders in the fields of vision and colour, measurement and image technology.

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Scope of the Symposium

Assessing the visual appearance of objects and materials is a very complicated process for which four research areas have been suggested: colour, gloss, texture and translucency. This CIE Expert Symposium aims to create a symbiosis between the different scientific disciplines conducting research about visual appearance and related attributes, comprising the fields of vision, metrology, and image technology

The following topics, related to visual appearance, colour, gloss, translucency, and texture, are key to the symposium, with possibility to submit abstracts on other related topics:

  • Limitations of physical colour measurements
  • 3D Printing Appearance
  • Augmented / Virtual Reality as a tool for studying Visual Appearance
  • Appearance Metrology as a tool for better Augmented / Virtual Reality applications
  • Perception in High-Dynamic Range or Wide Colour Gamut Imaging
  • Image vs. non-image based appearance measurement
  • Appearance Applications and Phenomena