Memorandum of Mutual Understanding Between CIE and The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

1. Preamble

This MOU supplements the existing joint IEC/ISO/CIE memorandum of 1986. Its object is to delineate the responsibilities of the IEC and CIE more clearly in order to intensify the collaboration and to avoid duplication of effort and delays.

2. Situation

2.1 The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) with headquarters in Geneva and the Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CIE) with headquarters in Vienna are both recognized international standards making bodies.


2.2 The IEC develops and publishes standards in the complete domain of electrotechnology.

2.3 The CIE develops and publishes standards in the field of light and lighting.

2.4 The CIE has existing technical liaison status with IEC Technical Committees.

2.5 The IEC and the CIE have existing joint publications in the area of lighting vocabulary.

2.6 Certain other fields of activity of the IEC and the CIE overlap.


2.7 The IEC and the CIE formally recognize each other's scopes and authority as published in their respective Statutes and wish to improve bilateral cooperation.

3. Procedure

To implement this understanding:

The IEC undertakes to:

3.1 Recognize the CIE as a competent authority for submitting its approved standards to IEC for direct endorsement and issue as an IEC/CIE standard in accordance with the provisions of the IEC/ISO Directives.

3.2 Effect joint development of standards in those areas where the domains overlap or complement each other.

3.3 Where mutually acceptable, publish the approved standards produced under items 3.1 and 3.2 above as joint IEC/CIE "double-logo" standards.

3.4 Provide published copies of such standards to CIE at a discount of 50% on the IEC catalogue price on the condition that they are not re-sold at less than the catalogue price.

The CIE undertakes to:

3.5 Keep the IEC informed of its work programme and, in particular, notify the IEC of all projects which it wishes to see ultimately adopted as IEC standards.

3.6 Consider its existing standards and propose those suitable for adoption by IEC.

3.7 Release the copyright to IEC of any standards which it wishes published by the IEC.

4. Disputes

Any dispute or contestation on the operation of this agreement will be negotiated by the Chief Executives of each organization. Failing this, the matter will be resolved by the two Presidents.

5. Effectiveness and Termination

This MOU becomes effective upon signature by both parties and remains valid until renounced by either party upon written notice of termination one year in advance.


For the IEC                                            For the CIE

General Secretary                                Executive Director

Date: 92-03-16                                     Date: 92-03-12